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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Red Lion Avebury, London

The red lion Inn is a grade II listed building and was originally created in the early 1600′. It was a farm house until the year 1802 when it acquired a license and became a coaching inn The building remains to this day as a pub.

Much of the village, including the Red Lion, is enclosed within an ancient stone circle. There are several small stone circles at Avebury, as well as a large henge. Avebury is located just twenty miles from the much better knownStonehenge, and at least two thousand years older. The tiny village is regarded as a spiritual centre for numerous pagan groups, such as the Druids and Wiccans.

A former landlady, Florrie. Local legend describes how Florrie had a number of illicit dalliances whilst her soldier husband fought in the English Civil War, which took place from 1642-1651. Her husband returned home and discovered Florrie’s infidelity. He murdered her and concealed her body by pushing it down the village well. The Red Lion later expanded around the well, which now serves as a focal point in one of the restaurant’s dining rooms.

The Pub is famous for its 86ft deep well which dates back to the 1600′s. The Well Room is named after Alexander Keiller who excavated the ancient stone circle surrounding theInn.

Florrie’s murder was not the only one to occur at the Red Lion. It is also believed that a local man was stabbed to death in the cellar during the 17th century. At the time, the cellar was used to conceal criminals, and priests escaping the wrath of the anti-Catholic monarchy.

Hauntings and Ghost Stories of The Red Lion

The Murdered Florie is said to haunt this family pub. Several reports have been received of Florie being dressed in black walking round the pub looking for a man with a beard. One report was that of a bearded man sitting under a spinning chandelier. Customers have also seen Florie in the ladies toilets and one of the past landladies reported seeing Florie throw salt and pepper across the tables and chairs in the restaurant area. Another report is that of spooky looking horse drawn carriages pulling up outside the pub in the dead of night, this can both be seen and heard but never both.

Strangedaz reported

It was on 1st October, 2004, that a dozen members of Paranormal Site Investigators arrived at the Red Lion, to carry out an all-night vigil. They were accompanied by a local press photographer. They witnessed a great deal of anomalous activity, some of which was photographed. The activity experienced included mysterious footsteps, appliances turning themselves on and off, light anomalies, and people being touched by an unknown source. An object was also hurled down the stairs, from the bar to the cellar, where the investigators had based themselves. No-one was anywhere near the area of the bar from which the object was hurled.

One member of the investigative team, who was ignorant of the inn’s history, had a particularly disturbing experience. He had a terrifying vision, in which a man came up to him and made a number of violent, stabbing motions with a dagger. The pub’s staff later revealed that a man had been stabbed to death in the cellar. Staff who enter the cellar regularly feel an angry and menacing presence within.

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