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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, Illinois, USA

Largely abandoned since the mid 1960's, this 1800s-era cemetery is well-known for its haunted stories and ghost sightings. The small cemetery in the Chicago metropolitan area, is located near Midlothian and Oak Forest, Illinois in the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve at 143rd Street & the Midlothian Turnpike. Victim to vandals over the years, many of the tombstones are toppled and rumors circulate that the cemetery has been the location for satanic and occultist groups performing ceremonies. Over the years, numerous stories have been told of glowing balls, sightings of apparitions; strange noises being heard including moans, squeaks, and groans; and  voices. Paranormal investigators report  strange photos, anomalous recordings and sightings of unbelievable creatures. Near the cemetery is a quarry pond that is also said to be haunted. The foul, dark, algae covered pool is said to have been used by Al Capone and other gangsters as a dumping place of their murder victims. Other reports tell of the ghosts of a farmer and his horse who were drowned in the pond as well as another unknown "two-headed" ghost.

Some photos were taken during an investigation of Bachelor's Grove cemetery near Chicago by the Ghost Research Society (GRS). On August 10, 1991, several members of the GRS were at the cemetery, a small, abandoned graveyard on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, near the suburb of Midlothian, Illinois. 

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