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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bell Witch Cave, Adams, Tennessee,USA

The Bell Witch Cave, located near where the Bell Farm once stood is said to be associated with the Bell Witch, a sinister entity that allegedly haunted the Bell Family between 1817 and 1821. The story became so famous at the time that even General Andrew Jackson decided to visit and allegedly experienced the antics of the witch himself. Local legends say that the Bell Witch has haunted the area surrounding the caves for hundreds of years. The area has a long history of pioneers and Native Americans, many of whom were said to have been buried in the cave. The Trail of Tears, which forcibly relocated the Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, and other tribes from their homelands to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) went through the farm. Numerous visitors have told of seeing her apparition, as well as odd shadows, and hearing voices in restricted areas of the cave. visitors who take anything from the cave, such as a rock, will be cursed and many have returned items quickly. They also frequently report camera malfunctions and trouble with their car. Some guests claim to hear whispered names and disembodied voices ordering them to leave, while others see strange lights around the cave. One woman claimed the spirit followed her home.

The cave also has a history of unnerving events,or so the stories go. In one tale, a group of college football players held a séance at the cave and were pinned to the ground by an unseen force. No amount of pushing and pulling could budge the terrified young men.

In another story, a boy sneaked into the cave and got stuck between two rocks. The “witch” pulled him out, yelling “I’ve got him!” before launching into a lecture about trespassing.

A third story is also humorous. A small waterfall runs through the cave, and Adams men reportedly bathed in the water before indoor plumbing was the norm in the area. Legend has it that a man forgot his bar of soap one day and hollered for a friend to fetch him something to wash with. Before the friend had a chance to reply, a pristine bar of soap tumbled out of the cave and landed in front of the baffled man.

Whether or not the Bell Witch legend is true, it’s safe to say the story will continue to capture the imagination of generations to come.

Today, the privately owned Bell Witch Cave and former Bell Farm offers tours.

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