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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pendle Hill, Lancashire, London

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill, almost a mountain, hypnotic and very atmospheric. In the year 1612 there stood a huge limestone tower where a family of local peasants dwelt. But not just an ordinary family, these so called peasants had powers far beyond our reach. They were in league with the devil, they made clay effigies and used human hair and teeth to make these effigies.

Witches Cottage, Pendle Hill

Various local persons died of mysterious illnesses, some in great pain. Milk was turned blue, cattle died without a mark on their bodies and the locals feared venturing on to the hill. One man determined to make a name for himself was the local magistrate Roger Nowell. In great fear for his life he plucked up the courage to arrest two of the inhabitants of the stone tower known as Malkin tower. They were sent to Lancaster to be tried, two days later all the other witches met at the tower but within weeks all were taken to Lancaster for trial and certain death by hanging.

Haunted Happenings will take you from the viewing platform of Clitheroe's Norman Castle situated at the foot of Pendle hill to various haunted and historic locations related to the Pendle Witches. It is here where you will be told the ghostly history of horror, heroes and villains.Clitheroe has an atmosphere not too dissimilar to a Transylvanian town.

You may hear the crying sound of the wind in the bracken, a fox or an owl. You may even hear the footsteps of somebody.....

Many persons over the past centuries have sadly lost their lives on the hill and many locals still steadfastly refuse to go on the hill after dark due to the sinister sightings of ghosts and spirits that have been seen, felt and heard. That is unless you join us for a terrifying walk in the footsteps of the famous Pendle witches. This will be an experience from start to finish and is definitely not for the faint hearted. We are offering you this unique opportunity to be part of this truly chilling ghost hunt.